Hagimura Seicha

Japanese Tea

How to make Kabuse-cha

You can enjoy rich taste with kabuse-cha by Hagimura Seicha Kabuse-cha is a traditional way to make tea, applying the change of tea leaves’ elements by covering and shutting sunshine before harvesting. In tea leaves there is special amino acid theanine, which is included only in teas. Theanine is made in roots, photosynthesized in leaves and changes into catechin. catechin makes astringency, so you can make tea with more umami and less astringency if you cover and avoid photosynthesis. If you cut more sunshine the leaves get softer and the green color becomes brighter. Usual Kabuse-cha covers about 10 days before picking new spots, but Our Hagimura Seicha Kabuse-cha covers 14-25 days and cuts over 85% of sunshine and cultivates the

tea. It needs more effort, but umami increases more and the tea taste richer.
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